ok, I've had my iphone for a little over a week, and overall I'm very happy. Way too easy buy apps, movies, etc :-) Definitely ready for the 9 hours on the airplane from Hawaii to Florida in a couple weeks.

The siriusxm app for the iphone is a great thing for me to have since we do not get the satellite feed here in Hawaii. It's the one thing that pushed me over the edge to get an iphone on at&t.

Couple issues though... and I'd like to know if anyone else is experiencing it. I've heard that AT&T's 3g infrastructure isn't capable of handling enormous amounts of bandwidth usage, and it's something I've been experiencing. During prime time (Like on the way to work in the mornings), the siriusxm feed is cutting out badly or simply will not connect. During off time, I have no issues.

The other issue is battery usage. With everything else turned off (bluetooth, wireless, etc.) I get maybe 2.5 hours of battery when using the siriusxm app. That seems to be excessive use of the cpu. My boss uses Pandora and claims to get excellent battery usage. Tyler you said you use both services. What has been your experience? Anyone else, I'd be interested in hearing your experiences.