Who programs the Rock channels????

Last week Def Leppard was the number 8 most played artist on Boneyard. They were number 8 on Hair Nation, number 9 on 80's on 8 and number 12 on Classic Rewind. I'm sorry but this band does not deserve this much airplay, especially on Boneyard and Classic Rewind. The first 3 Def Leppard albums can be considered rock, maybe a bit cheesy especially to classic hard rock and metal fans, but lets face it after that the rest of their stuff is pure pop garbage.

The really sad part is that they were number 8 on Boneyard and Boneyard only plays around 10 Def Leppard songs over and over. I know I keep mentioning this but the repitition is so bad on Boneyard it's become difficult to listen.