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Thread: Ever try to CANCEL Sirius???

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    Just tried to cancel today.

    The total length of the call was 9mins 26secs. I only had to talk to one person.

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    i had no problem at all

    i called an cancelled it took less then 10 minutes.


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    I cancelled two subscriptions about two weeks ago. I was on hold for long while hung up called back, had to get a little aggressive to talk to someone thats actually in America that could close the account and that person picked up after a couple of minutes of being on hold. After that it was fairly easy. They offered a discount I declined and the rep "said" he set up the remaining radio to close out after it expires in about a month. Well see what happens with that. I have a feeling I'll be making another phone call. Gotta tell you I had it for about three years, and Im not missing it too much

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    I love this thread. Someone is frustrated that a company makes it unreasonably hard to cancel, comes here to post for info/venting/similar experiences and is immediately pounched upon. He's either lying, motives for posting questioned, was a jerk to the rep, etc......

    The Kool-aid drinkers are always ready to pounce. Why someone gives blind allegiance to a company that you PAY for a service and may not be providing the same in return is laughable to me.

    I don't know why your stories of no-hassle, quick cancellations should be more credible than the others. Why aren't your motives as suspect as the others? The answer is, in an online forum, they are no more credible and just as suspect.

    I feel for the people who have had problems. Those who haven't...good for you for the easy transaction. Those who are waiting to pounce; step away from the keyboard and go outside to breathe fresh air. Geez, no wonder I only come to a forum as a last resort.

    Pounce if you want. Either way I won't know.


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    I called today to cancel, and had to hang up after being on hold for more than 20 minutes. (I found this forum because I Googled "cancel sirius online" after giving up on the phone.)

    Pretty lame. I'll try again tomorrow, I guess, but there's no way I'm letting them charge my credit card again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quixx View Post
    I called today to cancel, and had to hang up after being on hold for more than 20 minutes. (I found this forum because I Googled "cancel sirius online" after giving up on the phone.)

    Pretty lame. I'll try again tomorrow, I guess, but there's no way I'm letting them charge my credit card again.
    When I bought a XMP3, I canceled my sub with Sirius ( I had a Sportster 5)
    and I didn't have any problems at all, they did however ask me why I wanted to cancel, and I told them, I didn't need 2 subs with 2 different ( XM and Sirius) accounts, and they ask me, " Is there anything we can do to keep you with Sirius" and I said, No not at this time.

    Srius did offered me 3 months FREE to stay, but, Sirius couldn't add my Sportster 5 or XMP3 as a 2nd, and vice-versa, so, I declined, and they ask me, why again, and I told them that, I now have a portable XMP3 that I can use in my Car, Home, and on the Go, and they said, they understood......and, that was about it, I even got a credit of my unused left-over-sub, they were very nice, and didn't put me on hold at all.........

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    sorry for the double post.......

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    In December of this year I received an invoice from Sirius for renewal. After considering the cost, we elected to decline the service as it wasn't in our best interest. As such we (I) called and attempted to cancel our service and were surprised to be informed that the CSR would not do that. Ignoring the shock and disbelief that I experienced, I ended the call and went about my business.

    Like many people, I don't have excess time in my day to make calls all day long, and unlike some other posters here, it did take an inordinate amount of time for the call (~45min?).

    A couple of weeks later we received another invoice which prompted me to call again and in short, be told the same thing (the CSR would not cancel my account). Maybe you can imagine my anger, maybe you can't.

    Based on some (not all...) of the responses here, I can envision that some might be inclined to say that this is somehow my fault. From my point of view, calling a CSR and be told that they can't "service" my account is not only asinine, but also incompetent. Additionally, based on the anecdotal evidence that I'm collecting here and elsewhere, there appears to be a "trend" in how Sirius and its CSR's handle account cancellations.

    Again, following this second call, I don't have time in my life to spend calling CSR's and being told that they wont help me in the way that I'm requesting.

    A third invoice prompted a third call, and I, at this point, was amazed to actually have a CSR that was willing to cancel my account.

    I really, really thought I was done with this, at the time I reflected on a couple of bad apples within Sirius and actually had it in mind to renew the subscription in my wife's vehicle at a later time when we could afford the luxury.

    Oh no, not quite, now comes the most amazingly fantastic way to spend your time and effort. Now I'm being contacted by a collection agency for the period of time between the invoice and the CSR that was actually willing to process my request for cancellation.

    Calls into Sirius to ask them about it meet up with "We can't help you with an account that is in collections." Go figure...

    Being a principle based sort of dude, at this point I have to determine if the original ~$30 (which I'm sure now has X3 multiple $ on it for collection costs) for the time period referenced is worth my credit rating.

    Sirius, by allowing this kind of employee/contractor to work for your corporation, you are tarnishing an otherwise decent service.

    You had originally lost us temporarily as customers because of tough economic times, now you've lost us completely.

    In an economic world that revolves around a credit rating (especially now...), the mental anguish that this ordeal is going to cause us is unfathomable. There are other sites that are discussing class action in response to these practices. It will be interesting to see whether or not someone takes it on.

    Sirius, thank you, I really, truly needed this in my life right now, all of the other daily stresses in my life weren't quite enough, I needed just one more small piece to top everything off, kind of like a cherry in my dessert.

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    sounds like you are short on patience. yelling at a service rep is never going to get you what you want. i've called to cancel receivers never had an issue. have you considered an anger management program?

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    Good points

    Everyone who has tried to cancel thier subscriptions has some good points, including the CSR phone calls. Who i'm sure are instructed not to allow customers to cancel.

    Frankly with the increase of 1.97 a month for music royalty fees this makes my annual bill 176 dollars for a subscrption, thats why i ran out and bought an ipod. listen to what i want when i want without dj commentary, or tunes i just dont like.

    have you ever noticed on the sirius site there is no link to cancel your service?
    Why is that ? They have a link for everything else why not cancellations ?

    as for being charged by a collections agency, take them to court, you'll win on these basic facts alone

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