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Thread: Ever try to CANCEL Sirius???

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    Today I went through the "saw the bill, tried to cancel" bit -- when my credit card got charged nearly twice what I paid last year (no promotion that's what they charged) I called Sirius customer service and ranted -- they wouldn't drop price -- said it was already billed so that's that -- I told them cancel it -- they did transfer me so I didn't have to use another number. The transfer wasn't that long to go through and the fellow offered me big discount to stay and said they will refund the amount on my credit card. (I'll see if that does happen) So I wasn't too bad an experience (I've had a lot worse with them) But I wonder as I've been Sirius customer from the beginning and they have the worst customer service of any place I've ever dealt with. I've really laid into a couple people there that had no clue what they were doing. Is there a number to reach these DCSAT folk? Or someone who will listen? (I'll even be glad to write letter) It's bad enough they bill you without so much of a "hi, we're going to bill you soon and the price is going up (again)" They run this place like an airline.

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    I just got off phone with India. I got a bill today for $334. I haven't had a radio in my car that works in over 5 years. That means i was billed 2 years ago for this amount and it was withdrawn from bank automatically. I cancelled by phone years ago and i am still being billed. These people might as well stick a gun to your my head. The radio i had quit. Service was spotty at best. It finally wouldn't work at all. I have been rading forums and found this to be the usual runaround. PS..after bitching for 48 minutes to a supervisor...I did not get a refund of the last time i was robbed. DON'T BUY SIRIUS....I can't say that enough.[/B]

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    I'm not happy with the cancel "process" either. I talked to one person who said she had to transfer me "to that department" and after waiting a minute or two, got another person who tried to talk me out of cancelling. When I told her I just don't listen to it anymore, she finally relented and said she had to transfer me to someone else. After waiting on hold more than 5 minutes, that person also tried to talk me out of it. After getting through that conversation, she said she had to put me on hold. She came back a few minutes later and said she spoke with her supervisor and was told she could cancel my subscription. (And this isn't their fault, but I'm trying to do this while entertaining a 2-yr-old - so it's more frustrating.)

    Ironically, if you select the menu item to subscribe, you are connected to a person in 3 seconds, ready to take your credit card number.

    I think it is poor business practice to make it SO EASY to sign-up for an automatic recurring charge, but then making it such a pain in the neck to cancel. It's just a dirty tactic. If they allow you to sign-up for a recurring charge on-line, they should allow you to cancel on-line (preferably with the same number or fewer clicks). It ought to be a law.

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    First time poster here....

    For whatever its worth, I scanned a lot of threads regarding SiriusXM cancellation before actually making the attempt a few minutes ago. I was prepared for a MAJOR battle of frustration.

    Much to my surprise, the process took just a few minutes. They did try to extend my subscription with a promotion extention, but I declined and there was no problem.

    I even got a reference number for the call, to refer back to if need be.

    Overall, I'm 100% satisfied with the process.

    I was pleasantly shocked, based on what I've read others have had to go through.....

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    PM me if you are still having problems cancelling your radio or anyone else who may be having problems.

    The XM and Sirius retention (i.e. Cancellation) teams were recently joined together rather than being totally seperate so the average wait time per cx has probably been atleast 20-30 minutes, no lies! Don't believe me, try calling it tonight and you'll see! I'm on my break right now but in all honesty, sometimes its fun just looking at the queue with managers and seeing how long someone has been waiting!

    Then we offer them a lifetime XM or Sirius plan and boom they never want to cancel again!


    Quote Originally Posted by larylegnd View Post
    Anybody ever try to CANCEL Sirius????

    What a friggin' joke! You can SIGN UP online... You can SIGN UP at the main number...

    Try to cancel your subscription that way sometime!

    They give you a different number you have to call... 1-866-527-6040... This number, shockingly, is ALWAYS busy!

    After an hour of messing with this b/s, I call back to the main number, explain my frustration, and the customer service rep "transfers" me to the correct dep't to cancel... Apparently to Sirius, "transfer" consists of placing the customer on hold for 15 minutes of easy listening and then disconnecting the call.

    After this, I figured I'd give the cancellation line another try... Still busy... I'm stunned.

    I call the main number for a THIRD time, talk to "Ashley", who tells me, she can cancel the subscription.

    When asked why the first two rep's could not, Ashley has no answer.

    After this train wreck of an afternoon, I went online and searched for "Sirius cancel busy"...

    Not surprisingly, I quickly came to realize this "waiting out the customer" policy is standard operating procedure over at Sirius.

    Very classy. Why not just get a mask and a gun and knock over a couple of 7-11's while you're at it!

    I signed up with Sirius for Howard Stern. But the sports programming on XM is better - especially if you're a big time baseball fan, so I had to make the switch.

    I honestly enjoyed my time with Sirius, the service is well worth the money, and I sincerely hope the merger goes through so I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

    But something HAS to be done about all those b/s hoops they make you jump through when you wish to cancel.

    There is something VERY questionable (or is it just down right sleezy?) about a company that allows you to sign up and pay online but refuses to allow you to cancel that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cometstorm View Post

    Much to my surprise, the process took just a few minutes.

    I even got a reference number for the call, to refer back to if need be.

    Overall, I'm 100% satisfied with the process.

    I was pleasantly shocked, based on what I've read others have had to go through.....

    I'm with you on this one. I too just recently had to cancel one of my THREE Sirius subscriptions. It was for my cousin who I did her a favor and got her the reduced subscription rate yet the radio was in MY name. Anyways she's going through a messy divorce and the hubby wants to keep the boom box. I put a stop to that by reporting the radio as "stolen" and explained this to the Sirius rep (an American who spoke fluent English and was located in this country! ... a requirement for me anyways). Within five minutes the subscription was HISTORY, had a confirmation e-mail sent to me, and a couple days later I had a credit posted to my credit card. Basically NO problems cancelling and was very pleased. I wish all others who attempt to cancel have the luck that I did.

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    Haven't had Sirius for close to a year now. Sold the car it was in. Well, got a charge about 3 weeks ago on my credit card for $116. Called them immediately and told them that I want my money back, I no longer had a radio. They said OK, seemed like a done deal.

    Watched my account for the suggested "3 to 5" business days" and still no refund. I called back again. They said, we are sorry sir, there was a mistake in your processing, I will go ahead and credit the card we have on file. I said HELL NO! I do NOT want a card on file in your system. This is why we are talking in the first place. I made them purge all information they had on my bank account from their system. So, 2 more weeks go by and no credit still. I call them again just now.

    So it turns out, they kindly failed to mention to me the previous time we spoke, that they now have to mail me a check since they purged my data from their system. This would have been a handy bit of info to relay, seeing as the mailing address they had on file was no longer my address. So they mailed a check to the address I lived at when I was actually a subscriber, nearly a year ago.

    Well, this was already way more than my blood pressure was ready for, but it got worse. They couldn't expedite my repayment, overnight it or possibly take my credit card info back from me so they could do an electronic refund, The same fu#$^@ng way they took the money from me in the first place. Surely they didn't do anything wrong, why should they have to go outside the box to make me happy, I quit their sh!**y service. They now say it will be another THREE (3) weeks before I receive the check at my new address.

    They just cant cut another check in the morning and send it out, they have to wait on their accounting dept to cancel the check and whatever other hoops that have to be jumped through BEFORE I can have another check issued. They have to make damn sure they don't PAY OUT too much money, but they can certainly TAKE shit without thinking twice. So total, from when they took my $$$ we will be looking at a month and a half they got to "borrow" my money, interest free.

    Makes me think about once at a BP I got doublecharged for a pack of smokes. Scanned my card, guy said it didnt work so i scanned it again. Bank statement had 2 charges for $6.50 on the same day from the same BP. Didn't catch it til a couple days later. Bank would not do anything unless I take off work and come in to their office. So not many people are going to take the couple hours of hassle to get $5-6 back. BP obviously denied it. So they basically ripped me for $6.50. Imagine if you could do that to 100,000 people over the course of a year as a store owner. You could nickel and dime yourself a cool half million a year income.

    Sirius, I don't care if Jesus Christ himself comes down and starts a radio show, I WILL NOT resubscribe. You are one of the shadiest companies I have dealt with. I know you are hurting because you have shit for a subscriber base but you are still holed into paying Stern $23763536746382648573463544/yr. You are milking every avenue to try and make payroll. You CERTAINLY aren't putting your resources into "customer care". To call your customer service that is a joke in and of itself.

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    I just had to say something here. I cancelled with no problems. I bought a new car I did not get disconnected once. I do not own a business and never have. However,no business worth it's salt with a recurring payment plan would make it as easy to cancel as it is to sign up. Granted that it should not be as difficult as some of you have said. However,if you think the cancellation should be as easy as signing up are being naive. it would not be in their best interest to not try and talk you out of it. Also,everyone has a job to do. The people who you talk to have a job to try to sell you extra services. I accept that. I listen for a few seconds,then tell them no. They have to try to sell you stuff or they will be out of a job. Thank you.

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    You signed up for Siriusbuzz just to say you didnt have a problem cancelling? That seems strange. I have never cancelled a service and then sought out forums to set people straight about my cancellation process. Maybe its just me?
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    Since you are the moderator.

    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    You signed up for Siriusbuzz just to say you didnt have a problem cancelling? That seems strange. I have never cancelled a service and then sought out forums to set people straight about my cancellation process. Maybe its just me?
    Since you are the moderator,I will respond. I was browsing the forum because I wanted information on Sirius and MLB. I stumbled on this thread. I responded because someone commented that the cancellation process should be as easy as signing up. I just had to comment that in my opinion, that is naive. As long as I had signed up,I thought I would say something about my cancellation.
    I hope I answered your comment.

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