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Thread: Ever try to CANCEL Sirius???

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    Fitting that this thread was revived today...

    I just called to cancel my old radio and activate the new one in my new car. I was on the phone less than 10 minutes, and my old radio was cancelled and my new one was activated. They even gave me an extra 3 months free because I paid for 3 years up front. Easiest customer service encounter I think that I have ever had.

    This was from XM by the way.

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    Supervisors needed?

    So, why do we need to escalate to a supervisor to handle a simple business transaction? Explain that please?

    Just spent several battery-draining sessions on hold over the last few days, waiting to cancel one of my two Sirius radio subscriptions. They didn't give me another number to call, just transferred my call to a line that didn't pick up.

    Of course, to test the load on their system I occasionally called and selected "Activate new radio"...and got service in SECONDS. Please educate me on why such a disparity in service availability would not be considered abusive practices?

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    I love these kinds of posts. To verify I just called to cancel my subscription and got right through with no issues at all, although they always think I am weird when I tell them nevermind.
    Charles LaRocca
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    ya wasnt hard for me to cancel sirius, just called up, asked to cancel and after them offering for 3 months free and me explaining i dont want to pay twice for the same service they let me cancel.

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    I have not called to cancel SIRIUS but I have had horrible, horrible experiences with Direct TV, SBC, AT&T and lately Suddenlink. Each time I call, the call is routed thru several automated services until I finally get transfered to a guy from India - or at least he appears to be in India but maybe he is in the toilet or something, I always have a hard time understanding what they say -that tells me that I have to call a different number or that I need to be transfered. The same goes for the credit card companies.... I guess they are not happy when they see you go.

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    does anybody have XM for their blackberry ? if so , is the reception good ?
    thx ! happy holidays !!

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    I just cancelled my 3 subscriptions today. Very easy and quick. I wasn't given the opportunity to get any free months. Just an FYI.

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    why'd you cancel out of curiousity?

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    Thumbs down

    I'm sure that I will be one of those accused of posting to this thread simply for the sake of "bashing" SIRIUS, but I am here today because I have made three attempts in the last week to cancel my service. In all three instances, I have been placed on hold for ridiculously long wait times.

    The breakdown is as follows:

    December 30, 2008 (approximately 11AM): On hold for 28 minutes before giving up.

    January 2, 2009 (approximately 2:25PM): On hold for 46 minutes before giving up.

    January 6, 2009 (approximately 10:30pm): On hold for 22 minutes before giving up and coming her to vent.

    That's just a little more than 90 minutes of my time that has been wasted. I am self-employed an I bill out my services at $140/hour. I wonder what SIRIUS would think if I sent them a bill for $210 for my time that they have wasted?

    As you can see, I've tried calling at various times of the day (in hopes of catching them during a less busy time). But this doesn't seem to get me anywhere. And I'm sure that some people will argue that if I just "wait long enough" I'd eventually get through. That may be true. But unfortunately, I lead a very busy life, and waiting endlessly on the telephone is simply not an option.

    I'm also attaching a screen capture from my iPhone (from which I made my latest call) which shows how long I was on wait before hanging up.

    (Not sure why the image post feature isn't working... so a link to the image of my iPhone screenshot will have to suffice.)

    I find it remarkable how, when you're calling to add service, you can often get someone on the phone inside of a minute. And when it comes to collecting your money, they seem to have little problem utilizing the Internet for that. But when it comes time to disconnecting one's service, you suddenly find yourself sitting on hold for 90 minutes.

    The way that SIRIUS (and companies with similar business practices) does business is disgraceful and disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves. No wonder their stock is hovering around 12 cents per share.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I'm now going to compose a letter about these schmucks to the Better Business Bureau.
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    I cancelled today

    I had read this forum on Saturday to get a heads up on cancelling Sirius. It wasn't so bad, I got right through, only one 7 minute hold, but it did take me getting transferred to a total of 6 people by the end of the call to get it taken care of probably about 30 mins total at 8pm PDT. Each call/transfer would begin with asking me my phone number and some pertinent info such as street address, login name which is okay to verifiy that it is me. One of the people I was transferred to was in tech support. The last guy I talked to said he was going to transfer me and I told him to wait, I explained he was the sixth person and he said that he would be the end of the line, he took care of the cancellation. He told me he could give me a 1 month free subscription if I stayed, when I said no it went to 2, then 3, not sure how much further I could have got for free but I just wanted to have it cancelled. I think Siriusbuzz said they call in all the time and ask to cancel(for test purposes) and when they say okay, he hangs up, try actually cancelling and going through the hoops, it's a bit more involved. I will make sure I check my credit cards for future billing to make sure they actually cancelled the account and I am fully expecting them to call me and email me with offers to signup again.

    Sirius is a good product, I only listened to Howard and my commute is now 40 minutes a day total vs 2 hours a day and I would end up listening to the same part of the show both ways. Howard is still awesome, I just don't think it blows me away like it did 10-15 years ago or even the beginning of his satellite days, just my opinion though.

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