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Thread: Ever try to CANCEL Sirius???

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    Actually, I was more interested in why Sirius does not have MLB.

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    I agree!! Canceling the service is a big pain in the butt! If you can get through after being put on hold, then transfered around to different people, it will take a lot of your time. And they will continuously give you the hard sell to keep you from cancelling. They will even hang up on you to make you call again. Sirius is not worth the hassel! Seriously!

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    For any of you people that are complaining about cancelling, how about not signing up for the service. It's a "subscription", i.e. "RECURRING", or don't leave you're credit card on file. Don't sign up for something, to have them tell you to read the customer agreement where it states they are an automatic renewal company, & you HAVE to call to cancel, to then call & bitch them out for taking money out your account without you knowing. It's not a scam, fraud, or illegal in any way. You signed up for a paying service, the least you could do is skim over the agreement, it's not like it's hidden for no one to see.

    If you need to call & cancel a subscription, call: 866-635-2349 & opt for the cancellation department. You'll be directly connected to the cancellation department, & shocker, an American.

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    Some people have complained of problems cancelling their subscription. Today I called to cancel my subscription because I no longer own the car with the installed radio. It took a little while to get through to the customer service, about 25 minutes on hold, but once there I was assured my account would be cancelled and my credit card would not be charged for another year. I'll be checking my credit card transactions over the next month.

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    Are you in Canada or the US? I don't think they share the same customer service or billing.
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