Today I went through the "saw the bill, tried to cancel" bit -- when my credit card got charged nearly twice what I paid last year (no promotion that's what they charged) I called Sirius customer service and ranted -- they wouldn't drop price -- said it was already billed so that's that -- I told them cancel it -- they did transfer me so I didn't have to use another number. The transfer wasn't that long to go through and the fellow offered me big discount to stay and said they will refund the amount on my credit card. (I'll see if that does happen) So I wasn't too bad an experience (I've had a lot worse with them) But I wonder as I've been Sirius customer from the beginning and they have the worst customer service of any place I've ever dealt with. I've really laid into a couple people there that had no clue what they were doing. Is there a number to reach these DCSAT folk? Or someone who will listen? (I'll even be glad to write letter) It's bad enough they bill you without so much of a "hi, we're going to bill you soon and the price is going up (again)" They run this place like an airline.