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Thread: Ever try to CANCEL Sirius???

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    I'll add to the tales of shoddy treatment and the ridiculous "jump through hoops" cancellation procedures:

    I've had SiriusXM for my car for the past year. I called today to cancel, as I drive only a couple of thousand miles per year now, and wasn't getting to listen often. I knew my 1-year term was expiring soon, and I wanted to cancel before I was charged for another period. There's 1 week left on my subscription, and I was told that if I wanted to cancel today they would charge me $75 "cancellation fee." Or I could call again in 5 days, to cancel for free during the 3-day window leading up to my actual last day of service. Ridiculous.

    My suggestion that they treat it as a non-renewal rather than a cancellation were met with the same "read the contract" responses as others have alluded to on this thread. When I asked why the cancellation was operated this way, I was told "lots of companies do this." In other words: "we can't think of a defensible explanation for abusing you this way, so instead we'll associate ourselves with other predatory companies who hope you can't hit the right window, and accidentally renew, and lack the tenacity to pursue a refund." Even my cable company treats me better than this.

    There's no excuse in this computerized age for a company being unable to process a delayed cancellation, or refusing to change your account to a non-renewal status so that it will lapse automatically when your subscription is up. These guys have contempt for their customers, and hope to exploit the busy-ness of the average consumer to get unwanted renewals. Gangsters.

    FYI, I persisted on the phone, escalated to the supervisor and got an instant cancellation with no fee. Whole process took almost 25 minutes. I'll never subscribe again.

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    I wish the claims here were exaggerated, but they seem not to be. I've subscribed for four or five years. Tried to cancel because I purchased a new car. I've been placed in the hold queue for more than 2 hours in 7 calls in 2 days. I've been disconnected once, and asked to start over six times. Each time I'm told I'll have to be transferred to the correct department. That leads to a hold and then a new customer care rep starting over. Today I tried the "direct line" I was given, only to be told by robo-voice that my phone number didn't match any account on file, although every single customer care rep knew me immediately when giving them the number. This is clearly deceptive business practice. I am having a new card issued to end the billing (bet they call me then) and calling the state attorney general. One humorous note, a young woman, Jenny (Ha!), threatened to end the call if I didn't stop using profanity. So, they'll hang up on you after they run you through the wringer long enough that you want to use profanity. Ah, customer service...

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    These stories are even frustrating to read! Thanks for relaying them.

    Please follow through with a letter of complant. Hopefully that will get their attention.


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    I will add to the negative experience w/sirius customer svc.
    I tried calling sirius main line today hoping to cancel our subscription due to purchasing of a new car.
    Like others said...was put on hold by two different rep for more than 30min eah...finally got thru.
    Customer rep named "Robert" helped us...hopefully he really canceled our account...(crossing fingers)

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    Wow, where do I start?

    Signing up for Sirius is fast and easy but trying to cancel? Well - that's a different ballgame all together.

    First of all, I think it's stupid in this day and age....that a service company will easily allow you to signup via the internet but the only way to cancel the service is to call in. Who has time to sit on hold these days???

    I've been trying for days to connect with "Listener Care" @ SiriusXM. Everytime I call, I wait, wait and wait some more. This morning...I finally got through. I explained that I'm trying to cancel my service but all the guy wanted to do was sell me more stuff. I continued to explain that I'm not interested in buying anything, I just want to pull the plug on my service. He kept on about this great deal that he could make me...bla, bla, bla. After a while, I just hung up on this nut job. They should change the name of that department from "Listener Care" to "Rude obnoxious people who only want your money" department.

    So if you're doing research and thinking about signing up for SiriusXM service, be forewarned. Their radio service is nice but their customers service is some of the worst that I've delt with. Signing up is easy but canceling will give you a headache. Don't take my word for it some more research before you make a decision to go with these clowns. The evidence is out there and it ain't pretty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deanster View Post
    First of all, I think it's stupid in this day and age....that a service company will easily allow you to signup via the internet but the only way to cancel the service is to call in. Who has time to sit on hold these days???

    This is the part I find the most troubling.
    Charles LaRocca
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    I was able to cancel a subscription today. Wasn't as terrible as some may have experienced. But after several years of quality entertainment from Howard Stern (Sirius 100 and 101), there is nothing but replays, old re-hashed content and terrible alternate programming on those stations, which is what I originally subscribed for. I waited on the phone for only about 5-minutes in hold, and was able to cancel. No big deal.

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    Cik, I think you work for XM. I don't belive one word you have written above.

    I have tried for 3 straight days for over an hour each day to cancel my subscription. I have been put on hold for extended periods to just be hung up on most of the time. When I do get someone on the line, as soon as I try to cancel, I'm told I'll be transferred to that department, put on hold for 10-20 minutes, then hung up on.

    I have has satellite radio for over a decade - on up to 3 vehicles at once. We were down to 1 and paying the same amount for over 2 years. Decided to turn on one more - then sold the vehicle. Cancelled that one. The next month we get a bill for 50% more per quarter, so have now decided to do without XM. Permanently.

    First of all, they are breaking the law by not maintaining a US based call center. By law, a foreign based call center MUST transfer you to a US based call center if asked. They don't have one, and will never have one.

    Second, the customer service, if you want to call it that is horrendous. Argumentative, poor english, unknowlegeable about simple billing questions, etc.

    Thirdly, and most importantly, think VERY hard before you buy into this service - you may have to resort to what we have to have it cancelled. Certified, notarized letter will be your only hope to maintain proof that you do not owe any money to these ripoff artists. Even then, we fully expect to receive further bills for claims of monies owed, cancellation fees or whatever other unlawful charges they intend to attempt to bilk from us. We have recorded several calls to their call center to further prove our good faith efforts to cancel our subscription.

    Note that Sirius XM Radio is not listed on the BBB's website? They are not members. Why do you suppose that is?

    Our next communication will be with the FCC, the IRS, and with local authorities to file an incident report for documentation in order to file suit to recoup incurred costs in their outright refusal to cancel service.

    This "service" has gone from First to Worst in all aspects - Run, do not walk in the opposite direction - You've been warned!

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    Registered as a member today just to post this. Sadly the trend continues. Just experienced the same crap, starting days before my renewal date. Overall about 4 hours of hold time over a period of 3 days now. When I saw the charge on my credit card today I lost it. I called them one more time and again got throw into the loop.

    Finally hung up and called my credit card company tonight and explained everything. They put in the dispute for me and said they would block SiriXM from being able to charge my card for the next 15 months. Works for me.

    I went loco on Twitter and blasted them a little, hopefully people notice it. I plan on writing a few letters as well as a blog post or two.

    So happy I cashed out my SiriXM stock a while back, otherwise I definitely would've tomorrow. Puttin' my money where my mouth is. F them.

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    Look I do work for SiriusXM and I can tell you that these stories are true. However I can also tell you that when I get a call, I take it... make my offers, and get you off the phone. Most people get to me after being jumped across the world, and I know by the time they get to me they either just want their money back, or want to cancel. It really is sad though that it comes to terrible service. and nl9000 They have a guy that monitors Twitter, and makes jokes about what he see's. Get in touch with corporate. They have a new team starting up called DCSAT dissatisfied customer service acknowledgement team. They are only small, but they do their job.

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