#1 - Does ANYBODY honestly believe the Better Business Bureau gave Sirius an unsatifactory rating because of "automatic renewals" that are spelled out in their terms and conditions???


I would be willing to bet MONEY those are not the "unauthorized charges" we are talking about here... Those things would be EASILY shot down by Sirius when the BBB went to check them out... The Better Business Bureau recognizes a problem and gave Sirius the EXACT SAME unsatisfactory ranking they gave XM... That ranking was RICHLY deserved and it was NOT because of "automatic renewals".

#2 - As to why I would do business with either of these companies... I LOVE the product... I said in my VERY FIRST POST the Sirius PRODUCT is fantastic and well worth the money.

I only switched to XM because they have Fox Sports Radio and more importantly baseball, including the MLB channel with original programming 24/7.

If this merger doesn't go through and XM for some reason went under, I will go back to Sirius... The fact that the product is good is, in my view, undeniable... That does NOT excuse the way they handle cancellations and some of the other issues the BBB has with them, just as the good product does not excuse XM from the same issues.

And based on the total number of subscribers for each company, I'm not sure how having a few more filed complaints than Sirius makes XM a "shittier" company... They also have a hell of a lot more customers.

But I can understand how somebody wearing a skirt and dancing around with Pom Poms singing, "Give me an "S"... Give me an "I"... Give me an "R"... " would attempt to make the point.