Anybody ever try to CANCEL Sirius????

What a friggin' joke! You can SIGN UP online... You can SIGN UP at the main number...

Try to cancel your subscription that way sometime!

They give you a different number you have to call... 1-866-527-6040... This number, shockingly, is ALWAYS busy!

After an hour of messing with this b/s, I call back to the main number, explain my frustration, and the customer service rep "transfers" me to the correct dep't to cancel... Apparently to Sirius, "transfer" consists of placing the customer on hold for 15 minutes of easy listening and then disconnecting the call.

After this, I figured I'd give the cancellation line another try... Still busy... I'm stunned.

I call the main number for a THIRD time, talk to "Ashley", who tells me, she can cancel the subscription.

When asked why the first two rep's could not, Ashley has no answer.

After this train wreck of an afternoon, I went online and searched for "Sirius cancel busy"...

Not surprisingly, I quickly came to realize this "waiting out the customer" policy is standard operating procedure over at Sirius.

Very classy. Why not just get a mask and a gun and knock over a couple of 7-11's while you're at it!

I signed up with Sirius for Howard Stern. But the sports programming on XM is better - especially if you're a big time baseball fan, so I had to make the switch.

I honestly enjoyed my time with Sirius, the service is well worth the money, and I sincerely hope the merger goes through so I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

But something HAS to be done about all those b/s hoops they make you jump through when you wish to cancel.

There is something VERY questionable (or is it just down right sleezy?) about a company that allows you to sign up and pay online but refuses to allow you to cancel that way.