Okay. For those not interested in this discussion, please feel free to not participate. I have placed in in the off-topic section so as to avoid cluttering other areas of the site.

This thread will be where the off topic aspects in the Pandora article commenst can continue.

The initial part of the discussion can be found here:


For the record, I have notified the owners (the ones I am aware of) of Satwaves that they need to publish a retraction for sladerous and libelous comments made on their site.

I will also be publishing all emails ever sent between Brandon and myself. He seems top feel there is something damaging in those emails, so instead of dancing around the bush, I will simply publish all of them later this evening in this thread. I have nothing to hide in them, and have no problem publishing them, and even explaining the context. The project may take a while, but I will get them all up.