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This site isnt free then. Based on your definition. Your really going to argue with me over this? Everytime I hear an ad blast over my computer, your site makes me pay for it then.
Correct. This is why some websites offer premium memberships that remove the ads. A totally free website would be some .org with no ads that literally gives you something for nothing.

If I give you a free nights stay at a time share but you have to come listen to me give a little speech about timeshares for 2 hours... is your overnight stay really free? You can say yes that is your opinion. All I am saying is that I make a good hourly wage and wasting my time is money. Just because I dont have to pay for the overnight stay out of my wallet doesnt mean that I didnt pay with my life (time).

I guess we have different opinions on what free is, my time is money. I can agree to disagree, its all good.

Again, "nothing good in life is free" is not my saying. The point of it is, that there is a always a catch. That catch is your time or being subjected to ads or things like heavy interest payments in the future. There is always a catch, slacker, pandora, and terrestrial radio just do a good job of making us not notice that catch.

For the record... there will be no more "blasting," the audio ads should all be removed at this point.