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Thread: Boneyard Song Changes

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    Lightbulb Boneyard Song Changes

    Lets see if we can help in changing the playlists at various stations. Request songs to be added or deleted to the current playlists. Also suggesting songs be sent to other stations that better fit the song can help too. Hopefully this will help in getting a better variety on these stations as well as keep them Rocking.

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    Foghat-Stone Blue
    Iron Maiden -Fear Of The Dark

    Send to Hair NAtion:
    David Lee Roth A Little Ain't Enough
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    I must admit that things are a little bit better on Boneyard, they are getting back to playing classic hard rock. Cheap Trick and Twisted Sister are pretty much gone from the playlist. However, I am annoyed that they keep playing the same 12 Def Leppard songs over and over, day after day, week after week. I'm not a big fan of Def Leppard to begin with and hearing those same songs over and over doesn't help. The same goes for Billy Squier, the same few songs over and over, it's painful.

    Bomeyard also plays the same 10 or so Black Sabbath songs over and over. I am a huge Sabbath fan and there is way too much material in the Sabbath library for them to play such a limited number of songs. i think the same is true for quite a few bands on Boneyard.

    Also where are the live tracks? They play a half dozen or so and that is it. There is tons of great live classic hard rock so why don't they play it?

    I have sent numerous emails regarding these examples and have not gotten a single reply. No one at SiriusXM cares what the listeners think.
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    Too many of the same Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden songs. And Queensrhyche belongs on another channel all together.

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    more Nugent
    scrap Zepplin

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    bump thread

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    bump thread
    Me and you baby

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    Remove most anything Kiss.

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