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Thread: SIRI Intraday Monday 7-6-09

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    WOW good find otone!!! That page is just covered!!!

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    ya, really nice to hear about and see all this new marketing. Hope they can keep it going and get the apps out for the other platforms... just keep a nice constant stream of marketing all the way through Christmas. This app may end up not bringing in a buttload of new subs, but if it can help keep existing customers then that is as good as a new sub. Maybe it is enough to bring back some of the cancellations from Q1.

    Q2 numbers may not be great, but maybe they'll point to a really good 3rd quarter. Let's hope

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    We talked about that in length on siriusbuzz radio this past week.

    I totally misspoke, I meant to say 300-400million not 30-40million. Talking on the spot like that is a lot harder than you guys might think!

    I do remember something to that effect. The thing is from what I saw on prior post was that it seemed it was not discussed clearly enough. There is one thing that needs to be clear and that is that Mel is not going to be able to sell very much of anything anytime soon. Also while it may seem like alot of money to many of us, the fact is Mel could have had about as much by now anywhere else. I just think people have forgot that the man has really made very little compared to what he used to make elsewhere. The other thing that I thought was important about the 30 to 40 million misspeak was that when talking about the amount he would make from the options deal at SIRIXM it made it seem like alot more then it really is to a man like Mel. I am sure you would agree if saying the man made over a billion off of CBS and Viacom and then compare that to the 4 or 5 hundred million he could make at SIRIXM after being there for 10 years (yes lets not forget that would be how long it would be before he would have full vested interest in those options) makes a big difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otone View Post
    Go here:
    Right below the main story.

    keep it goin sirius
    nice, theres actually 3 ads on that page!

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