you sound like me a few years ago... except i lost the majority of my portfolio in SIRI & XMSR calls (expired worthless). the next year, 2006 i started over, and this time i started buying "solid" companies, most that payed dividends. companies like intel, ge, goog, mmm and more. and after i had a nice portfolio i started playing options again (and added to my siri position). in 2007 i made a killing in options, basically erasing any losses i had in stocks, ever.

fastforward to 2009, i've added lots of shares to my siri position, as well as others. and if siri goes bk, it'll hurt, but i'll still be up and i wont care as much because i have safer stocks. so i guess what i'm saying is buy some safe stocks and don't throw all your cash into one thing again.