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Thread: Sirius FM-5 Mission Success

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    Sirius FM-5 Mission Success

    SIRIUS FM-5 Mission Success!
    Posted by ILS Communications Team, 12:30 AM on 1 July 2009

    We have had a successful mission with the Proton M Breeze M rocket, carrying the SIRIUS FM-5 satellite built by Space Systems Loral for SIRIUS XM Radio, Inc. We have had confirmation that the satellite separated from the vehicle on schedule at 12:24 AM Eastern Time, or 04:24 GMT, 9 hours and 14 minutes after liftoff.
    Everything occurred as planned with ignition, shutdown and separation of the Protonís first three stages, then the Breeze M upper stage with the satellite continued the mission, igniting five times, and then releasing the satellite into transfer orbit.


    Now if the damn siriusxm iphone app would quit slipping down the order on the free apps listing.

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    That is a real noodle whipper!

    How can a company launch a missile with a satellite into space and not post to the shareholders and brag about what they have just done? Get real!

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    Agreed are you feeling about MGLG this week??


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