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Thread: Market Watch for week of 6/29/2009

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    RTGV Weekly

    On the weekly chart - there was a descending triangle that had a breakout prior to the formation of the pennant - The vertical lines are to measure how far we would have expected (which in reality means "hoped") it would go, and it basically made the target. Currently, a breakout of the pennant on the right of the chart again would be around the 0.04 level, with an expected (read hope) target at the 0.08 level - which also corresponds to the height of the triangle and possible resistance.

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    RTGV Monthly

    On the monthly, we can see that all trades since 2007 have resided within the Jan 2007 candle, again with the resistance of 0.08 from the candle's body and the subsequent monthly candles in feb, mar, etc.
    Looks like the whole area from 0.08 to 0.14 will be tough to pierce from this chart... but if the price ever clears that big candle - it looks promising.
    Monthly indicators look promising too.

    Ok, now back to the game... $100K or bust

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    Quote Originally Posted by stang3O2 View Post
    Greg- that looks like a blast! I look forward to the day when I have kids and can do stuff like that with them and their grandparents

    Bill- Nice rig, those marshall's always sound great!

    here are a couple of my favorite toys-
    OMG, I just realized that your video was shot at IRP.

    That is THE FIRST dragstrip I ever made a pass at, age 18 in 1984. Have since made passes at Bristol (Thunder Valley), Mountain Park Dragway in KY, Kanawha Valley Dragway (my home track) in WV.

    Many good memories of a way-slow Camaro...I'd give my left you-know-what to get that car back.

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    I Just posted the new Market Watch for 7/6/2009

    I just posted the new Market Watch for 7/6/ start posting in there whenever you have the ambition to do it. We are all set up and ready to go.

    Even though we are set up though, there is tons of information in this week's sure and go through it. We had a really fun weekend on here. We did a lot of that it is the beginning of a new week after the holiday weekend, let's keep it up and do stocks also.

    We have a great bunch of guys (and a couple of lurking women) here also.

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