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Thread: Market Watch for week of 6/29/2009

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    Market Watch for week of 6/29/2009

    Well, here we are off to a new week. I am putting up a couple of the charts that we are all ready into and that we are following very closely.

    This could be quite a week. We are hoping to see MGLG pop *BIG* in anticipation of Production Flow Numbers from its wells coming out. We will be watching tomorrow. This is a pretty exciting company. Do your research on this one.

    BCLE is a long with a ton of potential. We are waiting for their audit to get over with and for them to win some Government contracts. They are a disabled Veteran certified company. It would do well to do your own research on this company also.

    If you want to get caught up, please read the thread for 6/22/2009. There is tons of good information in there.

    New people reading this thread, please feel free to post and ask questions.

    Welcome to our community of fine people.

    Good luck to everybody this week!


    (Disclaimer - We are not responsible for your trading or money. What you do is your responsibility. Nobody here is an authority or an investment counselor. We are just every day people, like you, trying to make money like anybody else. If in your broker and get professional help. Always do your own Due Diligence on everything posted and said in this thread.)
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    How to post items

    Here is how to post charts and such:

    I use a program called Paint.NET. It is FREE and is paintbrush.exe on steroids. It is very easy to use and works great.

    !) Alt PrtScn
    2) Open Paint.NET and then Edit, then Paste
    3) Then use the rectangle select button in the tools box to the left (It is the upper left icon)
    4) Select the information on the image that you want
    5)Then select Image on the top menu and choose Crop to selection.
    6)Optional: you can re-size the image with Image then choose Resize. If you screw anything up, you can go back with Edit then Undo.
    7) Save the image to your computer as a .JPG
    8) Upload it to a server (where you have a web page ((maybe your service provider provides a website space for you)) or a site that you can upload pictures to)
    9)Then insert the image link in a post here. Use Insert Image button.

    Hope this helps.

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    I'm hoping for a good week for these guys! - and for SIRI to close above 0.30

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Dave View Post
    I'm hoping for a good week for these guys! - and for SIRI to close above 0.30
    Dave - I want to thank you for all of those fine posts on WM%. I am going through them and trying to adjust. I appreciate your time and knowledge very much!

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    Mglg pr

    Hey guys, please keep your eyes open for that MGLG Production Flow PR tomorrow. If it pops up in your watchlist that you have set on your broker's software, please post it immediately, because this stock will go bonkers! I don't know what day it is coming out, but tomorrow is a possibility, but not for sure.

    I am home until about noon tomorrow, then have to go to work. I could have a case of Montezuma's revenge before I get home. I will be without communication on the internet until after the close. Maybe I should take some kaopectate and a peanut butter sandwich with me.
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    hope everyone had a great weekend and rested up for this week's action. i will be up early and posting any significant events through the day. maybe a little discussion tomorrow on some sell targets on MGLG when we get that much expected positive(crossing fingers) PR soon and perhaps some of you will want to hold beyond the companys release of production output and remain long, whichever you decide is fine but share your opinions!!!!!

    BCLE is trading in .023-.029 range. its a good buy imo, if its in the lower part of that range its a very good buy.

    BEHL-- still trying to figure out a re-entry point. im gonna see how this one plays out over the next couple of days. anything in the .0050's and i am jumping in as long as its not on anything negative. i like the enthusiasm of its shareholders. alot of positive feelings on this one. are they eligible for carbon credits? i am trying to get that answer, that alone could make the company alot of money.

    dr dave, ive been posting on this thread for only a few weeks, but its nice to meet you and i appreciate all your technical analysis you've been sharing with this forum. i have a MAC also, so any software or tips you can share would be great. its great to have a guy like you on our side!

    bill do you ever sleep?!?!?!?!? dont answer, i dont sleep either. im trying to get to that exlusive private jet status. cant get there laying in bed (unless your a high priced escort, lol)...

    LETS HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!
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