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Thread: Video - Cramer talks Sirius and XM

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    Video - Cramer talks Sirius and XM

    From Monday*blog*&par=RSS

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    I love the comment about how the government has spent more time reviewing this merger than the Iraq war.
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    Not only are they spending more time with this than the Iraq War, they also have had AT LEAST four congressional inquiries and countless other meetings over this merger. The gigantic ATT Reunification? Not a single one.

    I have siad it from the begining, I have no idea why they have taken this long on the merger. With a COMBINED market cap of just over 10billion, this merger has had more coverage than most 500billion dollar mergers. Why all the panic? Because of the NABs deep pockets. But I think the pockets of the NAB have pushed about as far as they can, and it is time to come to a decision, and it will be a YES to the merger.

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    There should be a congressional inquiry about the misuse and lack of, appropriate congressional inquiries.

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