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Thread: SIRI Intraday Thread: Monday, June 22, 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by relmor2003 View Post
    Im definately alarmed that my assumptions that ISEG handled no retail shares is false. I even talked to ISEG and my broker, and investor relations about this MM. Never once brought up that they run retail shares. International exchange. SL62 said that ISO orders might be the cause of the small lot trades back and forth. Might be a non manipulation answer for every little detail, but when you throw in a painted close, a high volume of naked shorting,and concentrated efforts of one or 2 MM's to be constantly attacking the ask price, its hard to feel otherwise.
    The only two ways that I know of to clear out the MM's is to either: go on a run or keep slapping the ask and not the bid.

    If you are holding, then you are at their and other people's mercy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bassmaster View Post
    im sure youre gonna change your mind when siri breaks .50 tomorrow, i dont know if itll hold, but itll break it.
    I have a saying about trading this stock.
    I am never surprised to see it drop, and I am never surpised to see it go up.
    Makes for a frustrating day usually. LOL

    I plan for both. Why? The MM's have trained my to be a better trader on this stock. If you dont take gains, the other guy next to you will. Now, usually with stocks, on any run up, there is a pullback, and a bounce back up, and a hold somewhere in between. The MO of this stock is all gains are erased, period. Even if there is no news to support it. New good news is erased by naked short selling. If this naked short sellling is intentional, and involves more than one party working together, then it is illegal. Every one single example , yes, is legal manipulation. I agree. But disagree.

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