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Thread: New Music by Classic Artists!

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    New Music by Classic Artists!

    I'm still at it!!!

    My campaign of getting new music by classic artists played on BONEYARD and HAIRNATION is still in full effect. It's funny after 6 months, I've talked to everyone at both channels and almost everyone wants new music on Boneyard and Hairnation. The only two guys who have a problem with it are the two highest ranking guys in Rock Programming Jon Zellner and Gregg Steele.

    Please take a few minutes and e-mail these guys. Tell them you want new music on BONEYARD and HAIRNATION.

    The more people who e-mail them the better.

    Thank You!

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    The SONG REPITION IS SO BAD that it really doesn't matter if they add new music by classic artists. They will just play the songs (new or old) to death anyway and who wants to listen to that? The problem is that no one at SiriusXM knows how to program these channels. They program these channels just like FM radio and that just plain sucks! Who wants to hear the same songs played over and over, day after day, week after week, month after month? The subscribers should determine what gets played but that will never happen. The amount of music available in each rock genre is huge and these channels barely skim the surface.

    Plus they want more money from me! Here's a money saving idea for SiriusXM. Fire the DJ's. From what I've read and been told they have no say in what gets played anyway so what excactly is it that they do?

    As I write this Def Leppard's "Die Hard The Hunter" is on Boneyard for the 10,000th time! SiriusXM sucks!

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