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Thread: IFSL Financial Report Due Next Week and Buy Back - Important News

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    IFSL Financial Report Due Next Week and Buy Back - Important News

    Steve in Investor Relations of IFSL reported the following via a phone call Wednesday afternoon June 30th 2009

    1. Financials - 2nd quarter:
    “Probably coming out NEXT WEEK” and they are, in Steve’s words: "awesome"

    1. BUY BACK:
    Steve said: IFSL is "buying shares back little by little." Today they bought 10,000,000 shares.
    They are not doing their buyback at one time because they "don't want to spike the price"

    3. Steve thinks “we should see .005” after the financials are reported.
    (IFSL finished up at .0012 today)

    - There is a consensus among our investment group that we are likely to see a steady rise to .02 to .05 considering reports of increased revenue for IFSL.

    Do you own DD and check your charts, but to get you started here is an article from Business Week written a little over a week ago (link is below):

    ‘IFSL - Revenues increased by over 160% - Intent to List on Major Exchange

    Key developments for Ideal Financial Solutions, Inc. (IFSL)
    Ideal Financial Solutions Provides Revenue Guidance for the Second Quarter of 2009
    Ideal Financial Solutions Inc. provided revenue guidance for the second quarter of 2009. The company projects revenues will increase by over 160% of its first quarter revenues. The company has also stated its goal of becoming a fully reporting company in the near future and eventually pursuing a listing on a senior exchange.’

    Business Week Reference Link:
    Ideal Financial Solutions, Inc. (IFSL): Stock Quote & Company Profile - BusinessWeek

    We recommended SPNG at .035 before its run to .28 cents. And for exactly the same bottom line we are recommending IFSL – significant financial gains.

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    Hey PC! Congrats on hitting that nail on the head.

    Why dont you post with us on the weekly market watch. When you have a stock to look at like this one there are several people there who love to break out the DD and chart analysis to find investment. They then enjoy putting their thoughts on the weekly forum for everyone to discuss.

    Hope to see you there.


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    it looked like the report was yesterday without so much as a blip on the chart. What happened?

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