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Howard pulls through a great deal of subs, no doubt. But to say that those subs could not be replaced or exceeded with various other content offers is short sighted. If SIRI had to acquiesce its entire existence on HS then there would have been no need for a merger. The company with HS should have beat the crap out of the competition.
Wouldnt you consider the manner in which Sirius almost caught XM beating the crap out of the competition? If XM signed Howard (they had the chance) there would have been no merger, you would be talking about a satrad company with 15 million vs a company with 1 million and bankrupt.

I dont think Howard is SIRI but, Sirius XM is going to have a very hard time survivng this period of penny pinching and debt payments without him in a year. I dont know how they can afford to lose that many subs and survive.