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Thread: Market Watch for week of 6/15/2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by billhart22 View Post
    Jim - Very Good Post! That is really good advice!
    Just regurgitating as usual LOL!!!!

    Have a good one Bill!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dread View Post
    I honestly have nothing on BCND, sorry buddy!!

    NOG has been beaten down pretty hard, I am going to watch it on level 2 this week if I have time. Also I stumbled onto ELRA while looking at NOG. Not sure what to make of ELRA at this time.

    Watch list for the week:

    NOG / UAUA / SIRI / ESLR / RAMS / OCNF / SIRI of course / and others as well.

    I believe we have the creature from jekyll island, AKA the fed, selling more dept this week. I am going to try and watch this carefully. I have been hearing news out there, about countries starting to back away from buying our dept.
    Guess we will see what happens!!

    I guess that is all I have for now, good luck out there guys, and happy trading!!! Have a good week!!!!
    Hey Jim-

    I have been hearing whispers of other countries backing off from buying our debt, also. I am going to keep a cautious eye on this government this week.

    By the way, my Dad got the books for Father's day He loves the new one by Glenn Beck !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ray View Post
    bcnd....are we in or out looks good to me ..I could be out a.m right away,but I am thinking keeper right now..??? any thoughts...Tripps,Shots,Bill,Dread,StockM,and group all info welcome.....
    i like the early sell. im gonna see how this moves tomorrow before i get more involved. i see a highly possible reversal tomorrow...JMHO

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    guys/gals...for those of you that day trade watch IGNT...i don't day trade but the last two weeks has been fine for such....BILL i'm still in on BCLE and if dips below .02 again i'm doubling up, thanks for all the info as always,( i seldom post, a lurker at heart)...this is without a doubt the best forum i have watched...GLTA

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    Good morning fellas.
    No PR for MGLG this morning so I'm going to take a bit of a new position with it. I currently own 7 mil shares. So I think imma start flipping with 2 mil of that and leave 5 mil to sit long.
    Wish me luck! And good week to all of you.

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