Hey all,

Long time lurker here...I searched for this problem, but didn't find it!

I was curious if anyone could help me, or at least confirm that they have this problem as well.

When I am listening to Sir-5|20on20 or Sir-6|POP2K I have random, weird static popping noises. They only happen now and then....but if I am on Sirius XM Hits 1 or The Pulse they are crystal clear with virtually no problems. I also don't seem to have the "popping" problem on other channels. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a problem on my end or with the feeds? Could it be because some are "original Sirius" feeds, and the others are "original XM" feeds?

Also, less importantly...is there a difference between Pop2k on the feeds and the Pop2k I hear in my car? My car Pop2k seems to only play rap music, while the feed Pop2k is more....pop...

Any input appreciated! Thanks!