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    Underway and John, your both 100 percent wrong, and you still havent even been able to nip away at my facts. You still give credit to Larry as being able to call when his building isnt worth saving, and to evacuate.
    You cant refute my facts, so you nit pick my verbage. You, like your going to MAKE ME aware of facts surrounding the case. I told you, the 911 commission doesnt even discuss this buiding. No investigation to why it fell was ever done. Police guessing the 3rd building ever in history to collapse by fire was literally Nostrademus like. Very well done.
    If you think the damage that building took would cause it to collapse like that then you are both delusional, and their is nothign else I can say. No way Tower 7 fell from that damage. Its physically impossible. Im going to for the 4TH time tell you how many steel buildings have fallen from fire damage. If you pee brain can wrap your head around this fact, maybe you can learn something. WTC towers 1, 2, and 7. Thats it. Period. Zero others. None of the surrounding even closer buildings fell. Your getting a ton of LOL for that one.
    LOL LOL LOL. Go look at where the buildings were again, and how the surrounding buildings responded to the damage. You dont know what your talking about architect. The only architect I know is Mike Brady, and I dont think you want him going over 911 rubble. I dont know where your getting YOUR information from, but your sources are unreliable. Maybe because its the MSM your using for your information. Doesnt work in investing, and it doesnt work for any other issues either. Your been spoon fed lies and half truths, and you eat it up like dummy medicine.
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