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    Wow! You do not have the facts. I was in the military for 9 years, and fed law enforcement for 9. You are completely off base. You need to understand a very simple fact about conspiracies: the bigger, the more people involved, it cannot be kept secret. No way, no how. This is one of the fundamental pieces of rational logic you can bring to bear whenever you hear of these things. Do you really think the JFK assassination was a govt conspiracy or cover up? Do you really think NYPD, FBI, ATF, FDNY are involved in bringing down the towers, or, covering up the so-called 'real cause' as you suggest? I can tell you from first hand experience that our govt agencies do not and cannot operate that way for the simple reason that there are too many people (hundreds at least) and too many dependencies to carry out any operation in total secrecy, let alone a conspiracy. Same thing with NASA and moon landing. You can forgoe debunking all the wild speculative 'theories' and simply focus on the basic fact of the way organizations and people operate. It is the reason why large criminal conspiracies always fall apart. Even the damn mafia can't hold together. Eventually, people talk, rat each other out, etc. True, small conspiracies of a few people may be able to keep the secret (a single bank embezzlement for example), but these are also narrow in scope. What you are talking about in all these cases is too large to be put together and acted upon and covered up. I know I won't convince you and you have the right to your opinion.
    I can show you two videos that will change your mind about JFK. Im not into the moon landing thing. No evidence. Mafia is never important to me in any discussion. They are irrelevant. Sorry if I dont conform to your predetermined view of believers in alternative theories on large news issues. Did you believe SiriusXM was going BK? Of course you didnt. You dont believe the media. I find it amusing people will believe what they want from the media, but not other things. When its convienent to their worldview, and makes them feel comfortable, then its ok. You trust Fox and CNN and Newsweek, and I just read eyewitness accounts, actual footage, and testimony of involved parties. Im sure Larry Silversein in uncredible to you then. You dont trust him. He lied to make himself APPEAR to be responsible. Ok, that makes sense. Many eyewitness accounts of what happened that day, and they dont agree. But all that IS IRRELEVANT to any point Ive made. I said i was able to prove specific things about certain events. If you want to lump facts into a nut jobs conspiracy theories, thats up to you. In my view, as I would see it, then you would be closed minded, in my opinion. If someone comes up to me and says, hey I have evidence that JFK was shot by 2 gunman, I would listen. You wouldnt. Difference between me and you. I want to know the truth. Your happy with accepted cultural responses.
    No one still has offered a reasonable rational explanation to the facts Ive presented to support their theory. So I guess Im right then. Saying its impossible because it would involve too many people is not an agruement. Thats denial. Your bringing up issues I didnt discuss. Im talking about Tower 7, not the NYFD, and NYPD.
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