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Thread: Conspiracy Theories Debunked

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    Conspiracy Theories Debunked

    For instance, after reviewing fact after fact after fact, and many sources, on my own research I concluded a few things that are considered conspiracies.

    1. Tower 7 had to have been prerigged for demolition. The same day the other 2 towers collapsed in the exact same way. Notice i didnt say who did it, what did it, or how it happened. Only fact that is undisputable in the entire story to me. It PROVES the conspiracty theory of planes bringing down the buildings as FALSE.
    2. JFK was shot by more than one gunman. Fact. Simple physics for this one.
    3. Hunts were taken out by a conspiracy. Involved parties. American government, domestic banks involved in commoditites trading, and the i forget the acronym, but its the organization the polices commoditites trading. Ive heard this as a Hunt conspiracty to control the worlds silver.
    4. Nixon was framed. He turned anti war. He was a good man, who had enough. He was trying to break away from his controlling parties. Thats a no no. Sorry.
    5. JFK Jr.'s death was covered up. Only celebrity death that STILL makes me feel sad to this day.
    6. Princess Di's death was covered up.

    Last 2 , i could go further, but its all i could PROVE to myself.
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