I have had a Sirius Stratus SV3 for 3 years now. Everything was working perfectly when I went to work Monday, but when I came out to drive home I had the following problem:

The Sirius is on & receiving a signal (the station & song is showing up on the display w/ 3 bars). But my car radio does not seem to be commpletely receiving the signal. With the Sirius off, my preset station has static, when I turn the Sirius on, I get the "pop" sound that usually indicates they are talking to each other, but no music - just a low hum (faint static if I turn the volume all the way up).

I am using a magnetic antenna stuck to my trunk lid (just below my car antenna). I have unplugged & replugged everything, checked the wires to make sure nothing is broken and tried changing the FM frequency - nothing works. I did test the Sirius on my boombox in the house & it works fine, so I don't think there is a problem with the unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated - I spend 2 hrs a day in the car and forgot how much commercial radio stinks!