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Thread: Daily Market Watch (Week of 8 June 09)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ray View Post
    It is a hard read,I am going to run long .period the end ,on mglg,same with Behl,.. amne... I am at a loss ..?? I need help with that..I have 100k in ocnf not shrs cash..but we got there.. and again thanks ..Dad..I
    You are the man....we have been through it all together...BCLE is a sleeper and BEHL. OCNF will pay. You know that! If you have 100K in it now, just let it mature. We know the drys. In the meantime, BCLE and BEHL are our newest finds that will take time. MGLG is the hot one now.

    I enjoyed talking with you in chat tonight....we will have to do that more often, but I am into trying to help and learn from people here...we have a great community and I love them all. Have a great night and MGLG to everyone!

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    ok fellas, I am currently at my first day of medical resident orientation and all I can think about is MGLG.
    Will be checkng n periodically today. Please keep me posted.

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