I am a long-time Sirius subscriber (since 2003), and I've had the same receiver the entire time. I use it in my vehicle and used to have a home dock (now lost/broken). I would like to set it up on my shop as well, so I figured I would look into getting a whole new receiver. However, I would like to get one that is going to be as reliable as the one I started with (six years and running strong).

The other thing I would like to have is the ability to automatically record radio shows so I can play them back later. I read up on a few different models, and I am a little confused as to which ones have the ability to do this. More specifically, there is one radio show that I would like to record for playback, and it runs four hours each weekday. Is there a receiver that would be ideal for this? I hope I posted in the right forum. This one seems to be the most active, so I figured I'd post in here. Thank you for taking time to read it!