I'm debating getting rid of my Sirius subscription, but am looking for some advice from you guys.

I pretty much only listen to the classical stations on Sirius, an occasionally some of the news stations. Basically, I want the highest quality possible in terms of Sirius stream. Right now, I mostly listen online; I have a Tivoli Table one Sirius model, which is great as an alarm clock but of course the Sirius sound is pretty crappy.

I don't use Sirius in my car. I just want it for home use to listen to music. The only thing that could save my subscription right now is to get practically perfect quality stream. It doesn't need to be consistent---I don't mind the dropouts etc, but when it does work, I want it crisp. Is this possible?

I'm also interested in high quality FM, so I'm thinking about investing in a contemporary stereo that's Sirius-ready, that is, that has AM/FM etc but also receives Sirius through the home tuner. I'm wondering: does anyone have any experience with this that can give me some advice? with a nice receiver and the Sirius tuner, how clear is your stream? I've heard some audio samples of Sirius stations that are absolutely perfect, and I have no clue how they get that sound. I'm assuming it's through a home tuner. If you can give me any confidence this will clean up the stream and provide me with better sound, I would be a very happy camper.

Thanks much....