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    I got into the Sirius stock back in January....I'm averaged in at .1283 for a small investment...

    All the reading suggested just sit tight till at least Summertime when many thought the stock would be rising into the .55/.65 range...

    We seemed headed that way a little while back then, BAM! the bottom dropped out and we're now back in the .30's...

    Is there still a strong feeling to simply be patient. Don't make too much of the GM bankruptcy we all kinda knew was coming?

    I can be patient, no problem...but what the new understanding of the current situation?


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    every1 gotta look at their own situation and come to their own conclusion. im holding, i think its a matter of time till we at least make a move to the .40's, we could see more consolidation and even a few more red days but we will go up here soon.

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    Short term is anyones guess. I personally think it will start on its slow rise within a few weeks. But then again I have moved that out now by about 3 weeks. Still waiting.

    The overall economy may keep this stock down later in the year though. But I would say that long term prospects(6 months and out) are extremely good. As the company nears true profits a fire will catch hold and the stock will rise to more reasonable levels. Then the sub rates will come back next year too.

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    my checklist for selling, and i believe everyone of these will come true so im holding..if i had more money id be buying

    1. iphone app released
    2. synergies realized
    3. Make use of the double bandwidth aquired through the merger.
    4. Liberty media...what are they going to do
    5. When Mel and company say "We> are profitable"
    6. Economy turns around (i think its
    happened but ill wait until its announced, and then wait at
    least another quarter after that announcement)
    7. Auto industry posts better numbers

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