I record the Howard Stern Show every night at 11:45 p.m. (I work during the day and bring the Stiletto with me in the car and don't like leaving it in the car when I go to work). Because I don't listen to six hours of Howard every day, they will build up to three or four recordings at a time. Anyway, every few weeks (roughly 4-6 weeks), it will delete the oldest recording. I have done reset and erase every time this happens. I have turned off radio replays. I have had to reset and erase on two or three occasions (I have owned the unit since November 2008).

What should I do now? Continue doing "reset and erase"? Something else. I'm getting a little tired of losing recordings every few weeks. I should note that I usually put the unit into sleep mode, but am not diligent about the regular shutdowns of the unit.

I went through the TSS-Radio web site for a while and they were helpful, but then they stopped answering my questions. I am hoping someone here can help.