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Thread: SIRI INTRADAY Tuesday 5/20

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    Level II

    Quote Originally Posted by Siriustunes View Post

    How do you see what trades are made by the large firms? Can you find that on Level 2 or is it elsewhere?
    Level II shows the Market Makers (MM's) and the different bid and ask prices; the number of bid and asks; plus time of sales; intermarket swaps; buys; sells; quantities; buy and sales within the spread by market makers and out of spread buys and sells. It is a really good perspective to have. Once you have it you would feel naked without it.

    If you don't know the principles of level two, there is a really good explanation on or you can google "How to use Level II stock quotes" and there are plenty there.

    It isn't rocket science, but is a great tool to have when trading.

    Hope that helps a little bit.


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    Trippin, remember when we were a spec stock, then i swear it went to small cap blend...i just checked and ameritrade has siri as a mid cap bland now?

    mid sounds bigger than small and much better than spec.

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    yeah i believe that because of its market cap it now qualifies as a mid cap instead of small cap.

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    Mels pep talk

    via tom taylor at I'm sure tom saw the internal memo and or confirmed it or he would not have wrote this bit. was this behind the slight uptick yesterday.

    Sirius XM boss Mel Karmazin says “We’re #1.”
    #1 radio company, by virtue of topping Clear Channel’s radio division in first-quarter revenues ($605 million to $603.5 million). And #1 in the world, since America’s largest radio company is almost by definition the world’s largest radio company. Of course Sirius XM and Clear Channel create their revenues in very different ways. Almost all the satcaster's $605 million is from subscription fees. Very little of it’s from advertising – the lifeblood of a traditional

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