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Thread: Howard Stern Promo on

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    Howard Stern Promo on

    Listen, I am as big of a Howard Stern fan as anyone but, have you guys seen the xmradio homepage? Holy crap, that trailer is so unbelievably dramatic, its like he is Jesus himself. Is it me or is it borderline creepy?
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    Did you see the special for Best of Sirius for only $2..

    *OFFER DETAILS: New and existing retail subscribers only. Subscribe to "XM Everything Plus The Best of SIRIUS," by 7/28/09, for a Quarterly Plan or longer (up to 3-Year Plans) and get savings equivalent to over 50% off "The Best Of" benefit (a $2/monthly value versus standard retail value of $4.04/month). Select the "Family Plan" version of these Packages, for the same terms, and get savings equivalent to34% off "The Best Of" benefit (a $2/monthly value versus standard retail value of $3.04/month). Maximum discount offered is one full year of savings ($24.24). Available online or by calling SIRIUS or XM only.
    Trailor was good! Congrats to SXM doing something professional looking...

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