I know the forum is entitled Sirius Comedy, but since it joined with SSG, we are talking about XM too right? I am sure the format is same as Sirius.

Anyways. One of the number 1 things that I would be interested in is if they offered a few of their channels (specifically the comedy channels, because these are my number 1 presets) that have too many commercials as premium channels (wow, I cant beleive IM saying that... I've been spoiled by their music channels).

For a small fee ($1 a month per channel? Hell, I dont know. I'd pay it) you can get the exact same channel, but commercial free. Im sure the commercial people would like that, but the customers sure as hell would! I listen to the Uncensored comedy channel on XM (Ch. 150) and I LOVE it. The problem is, I hate the commercials because there are almost 90% male enhancement commercials and sex toy commercials. Just because my comedy is uncensored doesnt mean that Im a pervert with erectile disfunction!