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Thread: CHeeznuckl: SXM VIDEO?

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    CHeeznuckl: SXM VIDEO?

    according to himself:

    There [are], longer term, a lot of interesting things that might transpire between Sirius XM and DirecTV," Maffei said. That could include marketing endeavors, packaging the services of the two satellite companies and joint programming. "If you want to dream the glorious dream," Maffei said, "you could think somehow about cooperation on mobile video down the road, which is well, well, really outside of our current business plan."[/

    This is HUGE news if you think that Mel Karmazin isn't in charge of this ship. This is a big time turn around from when Malone said on TV that it was a part of the plan. Mel has always been against mobile video.

    Strike one up for the Mel supporters in doing what is right...this is not a mobile video takes up way to much bandwidth and content would suffer.
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