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My negligence, but I was never aware that a sub was counted when it was built and sent to the carmaker. That definately threw my numbers off. As did my believe that a sub didnt count until it was activated by the customer(promo sub). hence subs sitting in cars, and subs sitting on shelves would make auto sales slowing down hurt subs simply because they didnt need more radios. So you have less car sales from deals that didnt count the sub until the promo was activated, deals where its activated when the radio is installed, and deals the sub is activated simply by producing the radio. INSANE. No wonder my numbers were so far off. Now heres the kicker Tyler, WHY DID MILLER THE ANALYST agree with my dumb numbers. Is he as ignorant on how subs were counted as I was? I knew about promo subs vs. self pay, but I had no idea that promo subs have 55 different types that activated the sub count at 55 different times. Exaggerating a bit.

Most analysts cover several stocks. Because of that they do not have the time to dive into the metrics. I am not tooting my own horn here, but I have taken the time to understand the metrics deeper than most analysts as well as investors.

Problems arise when people put too much faith in a single analyst, article, or opinion.

The analysts are not alone in puting out information that is not accurate. The press, and blogs sometimes miss substantially as well.