I've been firing off emails to Boneyard and the rock PD's on a regular basis about the crap playlists and song reptition and I recently got an interesting reply. I was told that there are some programming "tweaks" in the works for Boneyard so I should be patient and give them a few days to implement these "tweaks". Here is a quote from the email:

"As you know we needed to morph together the XM and the Sirius channels and Boneyard & Buzzsaw were not nearly identical.
The balance between making both camps happy is a constant tug of war. I came from the Sirius side and the day-to-day programmer and immediate supervisor are both from the XM side…so the balance is finding its way.
Thank you for your patience!"

Apparently there seems to be a difference of opinion on programming between the former Sirius and XM staffs. I'm not sure if they are just blowing sunshine up my butt or what but let's wait and see. At this point I don't think it could get any worse.