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Thread: Daily Market Watch - Week of 5/3/2009

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    well looks like ssccq is getting higher on my list for monday :O hope i can still get it under .10

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    im a little confused

    black liquor: the blend of caustic inorganic chemicals and dissolved wood generated in pulp and paper mills

    so there waste has the potential to be used as fuel?

    so they could possibly turn around and sale the waste generated from the mills

    "Smurfit-Stone Container's application for alternative fuels black liquor funding from the US government was recently approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the company expects to gain as much as $543 million from the provision this year."

    so the they will get an estimate of 543 million in FUNDING?

    so they arent capable of selling it as is they need further research?

    my question is where is this funding going towards?

    black liquor research?

    money needed to attract buyers?

    is no one willing to buy this stuff yet?

    does it need to be altered before it can be sold and not just simply get sold as soon as the black liquor waste gets produced?

    how long till they can actually start profiting from their waste?

    now to man my main ssccq concern, what the hell is going to happen to ssccq stock, is this going to be one of those rare bk's were stockholders dont get left with nothing? isnt ssccq going to get retired at some point and a new ticker brought out? if that happens do the ssccq people get into the new ticker? or left with the old till it dribbles down to 0. the bk is the only thing stopping me from pulling the tigger, and the uncertainty of it all.

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    Black Liquor

    Hey Tripps, good Saturday night....I hear they are doings twisters down in Texas, lol.

    Anyway, I can help clear this up, or at least most of it.

    Years ago I worked in a Refinery in Wyoming. I worked in the boilerhouse there. The refinery takes crude oil and refines it into all different levels: Naptha (which is the lightest)
    some other products
    and then asphalt (which is the pure crap leftovers that is like really thick viscous that is one step above or equal to tar.

    To make the tar (asphalt) even usable, heat has to be applied to it to melt it and make it circulate through the system to the boiler house.

    When the asphalt arrives at the boiler house, it is superheated and then atomized with hot steam as it is injected into the boilers for combustion. It is an extremely efficient fuel and the cost is cheap.

    Now lets apply this same principle to Black Liquor. Black Liquor is the dredge of waste from pulp products. If you look at a picture of it on the web, you will see that it is basically the same type of product as asphalt. It is not as combustible as asphalt because it is not a fossil fuel. In order to make Black Liquor burn efficiently, you have to add one 1/1000th of diesel to the liquor to make it burn and make it highly efficient. I am positive that it has to be atomized with steam also to make it flow properly to be injected into the boiler system.

    Since there is a great savings in the reduction of burning fossil fuels with Black Liquor, the I.R.S. gives companies that use it a tax credit. This is where the $543 million dollars came from. If you read the article, you will see it was awarded by the Internal Revenue Service.

    Now there is a real war going on between pulp mills. The mills, like Smurfit-Stone are getting the big credits, because the produce Black Liquor. The other ones that are still using fossil fuels are paying big time and not getting credits, therefore Smurfit has a distinct advantage over many other Pulp Mills here in the United States.

    This credit is NOT principally for developing car fuels, but they are looking at it in a bio-diesel form with R&D.

    The Black Liquor is a cheaper and more beneficial way to run their plants and they get rewarded for it. So they are profiting from their wastes.

    Second, as for the bankruptcy status of SSCCQ, it is best, as I have advised all the other people here to call their Investor Relations department and make your own determination.

    I called them last week, but missed their call back. I talked with them a couple of weeks prior and asked them if they intended to issue a .V stock and they told me that this hasn't even been brought up in discussion. Even with that, I highly recommend that you call them and share with us information that you derive from them.

    I hope that helps a little bit.

    Have a great Sat. Night,


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    Taking your dare, lol

    Quote Originally Posted by GoHerdGreg View Post
    There are few people I truly believe on the internets these days, but Streetinsider on the Yahoo SIRI board is one of them.

    Read this:

    And tell me it doesn't make complete sense. This guy is pretty accurate in predicting the stock's rise and fall, so take it for what it's worth, DYODD and all that jazz.


    Here's one I can throw your way: CHB which is Champion Enterprises, the largest builder of modular and mobile homes in the US of A. I bought 1,000 shares when they tanked to $0.17 back in early March, sold off about 300 shares at $0.55 to get my original money back, and am sitting on 700 completely free shares.

    Look at a 1 year chart on CHB and tell me you don't like what you see. I dare you.

    They are large enough (and have been around long enough...50 years) that they can survive the downturn in housing.

    But boy...when housing gets fired back up, there is no reason that CHB can't return to the $10 per share league, IMHO.

    DYODD and all that jazz, again.

    Thought I'd toss you one for the weekend.
    It's Saturday Night! I am about to have a Maker's and do some intelligent research. First on my list is CHB.

    I will be reporting back soon....

    Have a great one, Greg!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ray View Post
    good evening Bill
    (smwf) did you get this pic from craigs list
    single male white female
    I looked, it up it has a thriving forum on investors hub
    That's funny!

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    Hey Greg,

    I looked at CHB and here is what I come up with without all of the technical jargon:

    If you look at it from a year, it is on a definite doubt about it. A terrific long.

    Looking at it ST, it would be best to see if a guy could catch it a t .40 or below. The price has been dropping and it is a volatile stock, which can work both for the good and for the bad.

    The float is relatively small and so is the volume, in the thousands. If somebody wanted to turn over a bunch, it could be harder to do. This doesn't affect me since I don't buy in the godzillions of shares.

    It is a "C" rated stock. It trades about 649 thousand average a day.

    Moving Average Price Compare
    Friday, CHB closed above its 13 minute moving average. This is generally considered to an indication of a bullish trend.

    Moving Averages
    No current signals

    Bollinger Bands
    CHB is trading within its Bollinger Bands. This is a normal condition and suggests that the stock is neither overbought nor oversold relative to the recent price action.

    CHB's MACD is currently indicating a weak bullish signal. Although the MACD is trending above the signal line, the indicator is still below 0, which suggests that the underlying moving averages are bearish.

    The RSI is currently at 48.32% which indicates that the stock is neither overbought nor oversold. Keep checking the trend of the RSI to see if the internal strength of CHB is improving or weakening.

    Directional Movement Index
    The +DI line is below the -DI line and the ADX is greater than 20. This is a bearish signal that indicates the stock is in a confirmed downtrend.

    Price and moving averages has closed below its Short term moving average. Short term moving average is currently above mid-term; AND above long term moving averages. From the relationship between price and moving averages; we can see that: This stock is NEUTRAL in short-term; and BULLISH in mid-long term.

    So all in all, at the present, I would just keep an eye on it at the moment. It has tons of potential for mid to long right now, but not ST.

    It is a good stock and has a great history...I am keeping my eye on it!

    If you want a mid to a long, this would be great. Good Pick!

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    Daily Market Watch - Week of 5/17/2009

    Thanks everybody for your feedback on SCGA.

    My initial thought is that is is trading for the first time on Monday morning. They are asking .4xx for the bid.

    It is a oil related company.

    If you have any comments on it, please post them.

    I don't know how the price will hold up right out of the gate. Any thoughts?

    New issues are not my area of expertise in any shape or form.

    My guess would be that it would drop over a week or so time and then would be a good time to buy, but paying close attention to it for a ST strike would be of the most importance.

    I am clueless.

    If there is anybody here that did not receive my email on it, please let me know with a PM and in the future I can send you a very occasional email with something of interest, at least to me, lol. You can send me emails of things that you find also. PM'ing is such a pain in the ass! One on one isn't bad, but trying to let everybody know is very time consuming. Email is best!

    Here is the link to the stock info. Analysts say it is supposed to be a triple bagger, but I don't believe them yet. The proof is in the pudding.

    At the same time, I don't want to be standing going, "Uh , did.."

    Who knows, please give comments on this.

    Have a great Sat. night!


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