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Thread: Trouble with internet radio

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    Trouble with internet radio

    I'm not sure if this belongs in this forum or the hardware forum, but I'm having trouble with internet radio on my Stiletto 2. I subscribe to the premium radio and I'm getting the higher quality sound on my computer, but on my Stiletto it sounds terrible. It's not anywhere near the sound quality as my computer. Which leads me to believe that I'm not getting the premium sound on my Stiletto. I've done everything short of a device recovery and just wondered if anyone else had ideas I could try before doing a device recovery.

    Also if it matters I was a subscriber to Sirius used my Stiletto 2 then. Then I dropped my subscription for almost a year and just rejoined today.

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    I would do a device recovery. Having the premium or not will not effect the sound quality at all. I love my wifi option and I am not a premium subscriber and I don't notice a difference in sound quality at all.

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