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Thread: Receiving Sirius despite cancellation

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    Receiving Sirius despite cancellation

    HI. I'm new here. About a year and a half ago, I called to cancel my Sirius subscription in preparation to put my vehicle in storage. As soon as I got off the phone with Sirius I went out to my truck and my receiver had indeed been deactivated. Fast forward to last February when I pulled the truck out of storage and to my surprise, my Sirius receiver worked and has been since.

    Now I am an extremely honest person and will call and make myself legit, but before doing so I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or if there is some kind of promotion going on since the merger where they reactivate everyone for a few months for free like when you buy a new car with Sirius/XM. Didn't see anything about it on their website. Any thoughts?

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    Do me a favor and leave that radio on for a little while and see if it shuts off. I have heard accounts of people canceling and having the service work because it had not received the 'cancel update' from the satellite but, I have never heard of a receiver stop working and then magically work again. This is truly news to me. Keep us posted.
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    I talked to my barber recently about sat radio. He told me he had bought a new Buick (I think that was the car he bought) years ago and had received a trial subscription to XM (again, I believe he stated XM). He never signed up for the service but has been receiving the service at no charge, even long after his trial period was supposed to have ended. I asked him if he would've become a subscriber if the service had been turned off, and he wasn't sure if he would have.

    Without offering customer service any specific information, I simply stated to them in an e-mail that their service may be being offered for free long after the trial subscription runs out. I never receive a response from them.

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    Drove 6 hours yesterday. Still working like a champ. Maybe someone ordered a lifetime subscription and the operator transposed some numbers in the Sirius ID?

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