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Thread: Whole House Transmitter at work

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    Lightbulb Whole House Transmitter at work

    Hey guys. Just a quick question on if you think this will work or not...

    I am within the 150 feet maximum radius of the WHT at work but I have a thick brick wall to go through to get to where I work at, about 50-75 feet from my Jeep, depending on where I park at.

    You think the WHT can bust through the brick wall and get to my FM radio so I can get Sirius while working? I'll be hooking the WHT up in my Jeep, as I have a 12V power source plug in it so, I'm hoping the WHT will be able to transmit from my Jeep and into the building 50-75 feet away. Should I buy one and try it or?
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