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Thread: Reception overseas???

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    Reception overseas???

    Bottom Line: Does anyone know if there is reception for sirius receivers overseas?

    I'm in the military and getting ready to deploy overseas. I love my satellite radio and would love to take it with me. I just don't know if I will get reception while I'm there. I know that I can get the online feed, but won't always have access to internet.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I've read elsewhere that it may be possible at high elevations (ie aboard aircraft) along the coast of Africa or Europe. No idea about going the other way across the Pacific though. Placing the receive antenna at the focal point of a large dish reflector may also assist with signal gathering. I suspect from that distance and at 2GHz that the dish pattern would be wide enough to pick up either of the Sirius satellites despite its movement, provided of course there is signal to begin with.

    If you're talking overseas such as Iraq or Afghanistan you're SOL...

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    Thanks for the reply. Sounds like I'm SOL. I'm still going to take my receiver in the fraction of a chance that I do get reception. Maybe I can work something out with one of the Communications guys over there.

    Thanks again.

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