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Thread: Daily Market Watch - Week of 4/20/2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by billhart22 View Post
    Jim, that is too funny!

    Just as long as you don't play Smurfette! She is a minor. You would hate to have a son with blue balls!

    I don't know what possessed me, but I just watched SAW IV while tripping around my little places on the net. That is one of four sickest movies that I have ever gives me a case of the willies.

    I am just chatting around and squeezing people for information (people that have more than two brain cells).

    WTF is going on here on this board? I don't mean that bad, but people are jumping ship and I ask for what reason? I have met so many good people here and people that are sharing and caring...I just don't understand it...I guess that I just stay out of the editorial politics, which have never interested me and mind my business in this thread.

    Oh well, if it gets too screwy, I will start a cbox chat on one of my websites where stock people can come and make comments. This would be totally in non-competition with SIRI....just other stocks.

    I respect this site, as it was the very first SIRI site that I thought was worth a damn. Newman is one (who I have always appreciated), Tripps (who I think is a right on guy, even if he is obstinate and a lib, lol) and the others.

    On my behalf, it is realized that owning or moderating a site is a real pain in the ass. I have moderated some big and famous magic sites (as in magician, not witchcraft) and burned out and left them behind me. This is mainly because I don't like to be restrained and obligated to intangibles.

    I know that Charles owns this site and I thank him and respect him for all that he has been through. A lot of times people start something because of a real love for something and then it turns into shit and they regret ever expressing and trying to perpetuate something that they are in to.

    I have seen too many people condemn Charles for trying to say something in his own forum. How many forums can you say something in without restraining yourself and mouth? I guarantee you.....extremely few. I have never been chastised in this forum for saying what I want to say or how I say it.

    Personally, I do not know Charles, but I am sure that he knows me from my comments here and in other parts of the forum. I just say...thanks for providing a place for people...and thanks for taking on such a tremendous load at different times.

    The reason for my comments here were without previous conscious thought. It was just exacerbated by a lot of influx from other peoples' attitudes and actions recently and just now popped out.

    Anyway, I will be emailing a few of you.....

    GREG! PM me your email address....I have some new ones for you to look at, or anyone else that is interested.

    Have a great Saturday night,

    Hey Bill, How you Doing? Im still around foucussing on just Siri this week since that is now my sole possession....Im gonna try to conentrate on this weeks volume which should be good with the 1q report on the 8th...
    Sorry to hear about your friend....good friends dont come easy these days...

    Me and Ray have hooked back up in the am on gmail again as of last Thursday....Hopefully we will see you their again too! I got him back in on the dog....Just when he thought he was out.. A lot of the guys are now at satwaves another good sight you should check it out...

    I will speak to you soon......Take care Tony

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    What happened?

    The forum looks so light (in color now)....hard on the eyes....

    Hey Tony, how are you? I have been just doing my own things. Working, trading and researching.

    This thread is kind of quiet compared to when I started it, but it will pick up again.....I will just average down, lol!

    I am not worried about it. I enjoy the people that come here and we do a lot together via email, but it is nice to be in here.

    So you are 100% back into SIRI...I haven't checked with you lately if that is positive, but as with all things, they go up and down.

    I am way into OCNF and FREE and a little SSCCQ. That SSCCQ is going to move. I believe in it.

    I will get with you and Ray one of these mornings or afternoons when I get settled down a bit. I am really in the research mode now.

    Email me any time during the day. I will get back into gmail again. Use my account to email. I don't check gmail. I will leave the email addy in a PM for you.

    Have a great night and a great trading day everybody!


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    Hi Charles,

    While you are at re-building this site, would you please put Daily Market Watch in a more conspicuous place? Other than other related stocks? I would appreciate it and hopefully people will come back to it if it isn't so hidden. Maybe give it a spot of its own?

    Thanks a bunch,


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    So, what do you think? Do we dump the related stocks section or simply add a "market-wide" form? What do we call it? I am game for trying anything... I am always open to site input.
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    Thanks, Charles

    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    So, what do you think? Do we dump the related stocks section or simply add a "market-wide" form? What do we call it? I am game for trying anything... I am always open to site input.
    I would dump other related stocks....they have produced nothing other than my thread, Daily Market Watch......Just call it "Daily market watch" or something related to hot stocks....don't tie it in with satellite stocks or other related....just stocks...

    I want to see this forum go to the upside, I have no complaints. To get this thread out in front of everybody would be a big positive. I will help grow it.



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    Quote Originally Posted by stang3O2 View Post
    As far as the new dodge srt8 their nice cars, much better daily drivers, but a real HEMI is God's motor
    Which is great right up to the point where you have to:
    1. Turn right or left
    2. Brake
    3. Visit the gas pump.

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