No ambition this week, huh Bill? That's ok, I'll start it...

I still like my portfolio image... See it posted below? That is perrrty, aint it?

I want to pick up some FNM tomorrow morning as a long term play. I think the worst is behind us, and some of the poor battered stocks are going to benefit the most. FNM is one of those. I also want to watch the OEM segment to see if they take a nasty hit to GMs announcment of BK being "probable". If so, I may pick up Ford again.

Looking for a pullback on SIRI... I sold at 47, and I really don't think I will have a problem buying back in lower this week. It has already run up over 35% last week, it is due for a pullback in my opinion.

And now for the last post in last week's thread:

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hey bill, thx for the compliment, i was just playing an earnings call with hayz, hoping they would suprise, they are not that bad off, only drop 10 percent in sales in this curent climate is not that bad, its just i think that going concern is going to drop it some more, i dont think they will bk but i dont think that will be clear for awhile longer. Might buy back in if this going concern makes the sp drop far enough. Im only playing a couple hundred so risk is non existent. That other stock was VC, and yes they went bk, lol i got lucky and dumped it before the bk went down and took a tiny tiny loss. I dont think hayz is as bad off as vc was though. the latest release said no risk of default due to the going concern but i still think sp will drop, i could be dead wrong though cause sales werent that bad. will see monday here in about 7 hours gn all