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Thread: Siriusly absurd cancellation procedure

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    Siriusly absurd cancellation procedure

    Can someone explain to me why it takes 45 seconds online to start the service - yet one hour of searching online, phone calls, connecting to the right department, holding - and still no person to speak to after 30 minutes on hold so as to cancel a subscription for an old vehicle that I am selling? This is the craziest system I have ever seen. Who the hell builds a program to make it so easy to subscribe and absolutely amazingly difficult to cancel? Further this, I already signed up for a new subscription for my replacement vehicle....I was not planning on leaving Sirius..just switching it to the new car. I am so frustrated now that I really just want to bag the whole thing. Dare I say, and I never imagined it possible, but we may just have a company that is more difficult to deal with than Comcast.

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    I think it all depends on , what time of day you call, where you live, and what CSR you talk to, to date, I've NEVER had any problems with SXM, moving my account, buying a new-radio, are anything else for that matter, if they want your business, they won't keep you on hold too long, that wouldn't be a very good way of doing business........I noticed you
    mentioned Comcast.........LOL... I have their HSI service, they use to be good, but , not so much anymore.........I sure hope SXM doesn't end up like them, being the only Game-in-the far, that hasn't happened yet.......
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