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Thread: Why sirius?

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    Why sirius?

    I think it would be interesting to hear everyone's reasons for
    investing in Sirius. When and how did you first hear about the
    stock. When did you invest in Sirius? Do you subscribe to Sat radio?
    And if you were able to make changes in the company, what would they
    Hopefully this topic hasn't been covered before, but I have a good
    excuse if it has, I'm new here.
    Let's talk.

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    I got into the market at the end of october, ive been listening to stern forever so of course i have become a huge sirius fan and i know the kind of following satrad has. So that was enough for me to pull the trigger from .33 cents all the way down to .11 I could never ever picture them actually going bk so that made me pretty confident, although probably falsely confident :O Not much i would change except for paying less for shitty talent, although i think they should make a push for carrolla.

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    I had always wanted to be active in the stock market, and today's technology has made that very easy to do. After following the markets for a few years, I decided to jump in as the markets slid down, down, down last fall and winter.

    Once I saw the price of SIRI in the 0.15 range, I knew I would be buying it. My family has had Sirius/XM subscriptions for years, and I knew of the unique content and delivery. I also knew it was, in effect, a monopoly of sorts. And that it could *probably* weather the economic downturn, one way or another (thank you, John Malone).

    Bought 5,000 shares at 0.15-0.16 and have enjoyed the ride ever since.

    I became a Sirius subscriber just a week ago, after buying and installing the factory optional tuner from BMW (it includes one year of Sirius Everything as part of the purchase price of roughly $380).

    Now, I'm committed to remaining an investor and letting the share price do what it will over the long haul. Once my transfer over to TD Ameritrade kicks in (still waiting), I will probably dabble in adding some to my initial position, and trade on the ups and downs using the free trades that TD Ameritrade offers.

    Otherwise...I am up 65% overall in my portfolio since buying my first stocks in early January. It's been a great investment overall, and a wonderful education in the stock markets and publicly-traded companies.

    I have -and continue to- learned a lot.

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    I tend to invest in the products I own and love. In this case I have a sirius sub, and love it/ cant do without, so I invested in sirius...

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    Hi Julietoo,Got into SiriusXM back in august because of the value of a monopoly and Metrics of the bussiness model looked promising.was an XM suscriber through GM car bought 2 years ago and looked at both companies 5 yrs. ago but didn't like that both were losing money still.I always look for Value companies that are cheap and buy in for 1-3 make a nice profit..

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    Till it hits .80 cents, I rue the day I ever heard of this company.

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    Brother had the product and recommended the stock.

    At first I didn't really believe in the product because they didn't have a portable unit and it just didn't seem feasible, desirable or necessary to pay for radio. But...he's my brother and he was blown away by the product in its current state (i think he was in the first 600,000 subscribers)

    I invested first at $6 even though I thought XM had a better "look", then stern moved, Clear Channel started making terra radio "terra-ble", the stilleto came out, backseat tv was being talked about, sub numbers were increasing i kept buying any chance i had...

    Then the market plummeted but I was fooled by the merger thinking it was too obvious that it couldn't go lower....but I did sell a bunch of siri and buy XM (which worked out well at least).

    Then buy more, more and more...thank you siri for BK news because now Im averaged to take advantage of what is next....POWERHOUSE!

    Oh yeah, finally became a subscriber in is addicting...and is not going away...
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    Quote Originally Posted by relmor2003 View Post
    Till it hits .80 cents, I rue the day I ever heard of this company.
    Good Morning Rel,

    Oh you know you love this stock! What other stock offers the
    thrills that Sirius offers and on a daily basis. Just think how boring
    our lives would be without the daily roller coaster ride. We don't do
    drugs, we do Sirius.

    I started this post and failed to mention my reasons for buying Sirius.
    Purely emotional reasoning. A few years back I started hearing about
    SatRadio. So I read up on it, thought what a great product. At that
    time there was talk of a possible merger with XM. So then I thought
    Hmmmm, monopoly, even better.
    At that point I had an IRA and was able to purchase several thousand
    shares. I went through the painful 18 months of the merger talks,
    reading daily, yes they would merge, no they wouldn't merge.
    Talk about roller coaster! Unlike any other stock I have owned,
    this one fascinates me, for what reason I don't know.
    The last big purchase I made of Sirius was at .09
    My question of what I would do for the company if I could change
    something, would be Marketing. This area they are sorely lacking.
    There are numerious areas they need to focus on to bring attention
    to their product. Intially the cost would be high but the rewards
    would be great. They need to convey to people this is a product
    they can't be without. Hopefully with the next holiday season, this
    will be on top of everyones list.
    I failed to mention I subscribe to Sirius and will not go back to regular radio.
    I am a one woman marketing team. Every chance I get I promote Sirius.
    You can imagine how much fun I am at parties.
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    Came over to Sirius with the Stern crew, had been interested in the satrad previously but the stern move was just the push i needed. I have had some aggravations with the service in the beginning, but stuck with it. Started buying the stock(small amounts) around the same time. Then bought more and more as the merger drew closer....never lost faith. Endured ridicule from nonbelievers, hopefully we'll all be laughing at them soon!

    3 subs, sportster replay(car) stiletto 2 (home dock) replay(basement bar)

    17,000 shares @ .39

    correction.... I went back through my td statements and figured it out, I started buying siri in very small blocks in October '04. I accumulated 24,500 shares and to date I've sold few times(regrettably) I'm currently at 12k @ .65

    ps. I wish I would have found this site earlier, I would have bought way more at the sub .10 timeframe. I'm still doing pretty good and appreciate all the wise investors on this site.
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    Interested in service long before I became a wounded investor

    Here in the good ole midwest town/city of Cincinnati, way back in the day, we had a few decent commercial radio stations. I'm going back to the 80's where we had only a handful, in my opinion, of "I-wanna-listen-to-the-radio!!" stations. Some of the readers here familiar to Cincinnati radio, may remember the old 96Rock (Eddie Fingers and Charlie Bender, of the Bender and Fingers morning show). Their show was funny, irreverent and well produced. In addition to their morning show, 96Rock always had a decent rotation of rock music and other listen-able deejays. Unfortunately, 96Rock was fairly stiff competition to one of the other locally owned radio stations, WEBN, who was owned by Jacor Communications at the time. To my greatest dismay and profound sadness (in radio-land, of course), Jacor hired Eddie Fingers (I believe Doug Johnson was his real name) away to work at WEBN (with Robin Wood in the mornings). Their show was decent, but never as good as the 96Rock show. Jacor had bought 96Rock turning it into a country music station. I felt like I lost something important, like a friend with whom I was very comfortable. I remember the day very vividly when my favorite radio station ceased to exist. This stands as the tipping point of resentment towards corporate/commercial radio.

    Clear Channel Communications later came in the mid 1990's and purchased some, if not all, of the Jacor Communication stations (I believe they could own 4 AM and 4 FM stations per city per FCC regs at that time). Clear Channel chose the "best" stations in the city. (Best being a relative term). I don't think I need to tell anyone on this site how aaawful Clear Channel made our local radio. (Same thing, annoying deejays, too many commercials, very very limited exposure to any music other than Top-20).

    My resentment toward corporate/commercial radio evolved to the point I'd listen to NPR and public radio, make my on CD's and anything other than resorting to listening to their despicable, crappy product/service.

    So, when I read about satellite radio in the late 90's and early 2000's, you can't imagine the enthusiasm had filled me. The entire satellite concept is what brought me to become a subscriber.

    Eventually I was so sold on the service that I became a shareholder, much to my consternation.

    I very much enjoy the community of radio enthusiasts whom all have their own individual reasons for seeking out satellite radio but, are here for common cause of making it the best for the entire country, if not world.

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