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Thread: Lifetime Subscription & Internet Radio Issue

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    Lifetime Subscription & Internet Radio Issue

    I'm furious with Sirius. I've attached the email I received from them. Yes, the language doesn't specifically say that they are upgrading to the 128K stream, but I tell you after numerous calls (I've talked to 14 customer service, and I use that term lightly, representatives) that thats what *should* be happening.

    Based on the email, I upgraded to a Sirius lifetime subscription with the understanding that I would no longer have to pay for the "CD quality" Internet stream. The person I talked to at Sirius when I upgraded the subscription even told me to call and 'cancel my premium Internet service' prior to March 11th, which I did. But I have had nothing but problems with Internet Radio since I upgraded to the lifetime subscription.

    What was offered, and what I subscribed to was a lifetime subscription for my radio, and the 128K Internet stream for no additional $.

    The latest I've been told, by the last 4 people there I've talked to at Sirius, is that this *apparently* will be resolved on April 28th.

    I upgraded to Lifetime partly because I felt like it would help the company get through the merger and help prevent bankruptcy. But the way they have handled this is utterly irresponsible. The service they provide is entertainment - there is nothing entertaining to have to call and argue with every single customer service agent I've had the pleasure of speaking to.

    Their silence on this, when it is clear they've dropped the ball, is unforgivable.

    Am I the only one who has this issue?
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